Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White Flag

As many of you noticed yesterday I didn't post a photo.  You can probably guess what that means...


I'm not keeping up with this project anymore.  Why?  Because its making photography seem like an assignment.  Homework.  Something looming over me left to complete. That, my friends, is the opposite of what I had hoped to achieve doing this.  While 365 projects can spur creativity and create an outlet for talent they also host evils that plague the mind and spirit of what it used to love.  I have no regrets and lord knows that just thirty-plus days of this project was monumental enough considering I am in school full time, working night shifts, and pregnant.  So facing an addition to the family later this year, the NCLEX-RN, and lord knows what else, I can already feel this project become intense and pressuring.  So I am calling in quits while I'm ahead.

My appologies to anyone I may have let down, but I hope you understand!

In the mean time you can always see my photographs (just not on a daily basis) at my photography blog  and you can participate in my photo contests and read me regular real-life blog at  

- Jen

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thirty Eight

Waft verb.
  1. To cause to go gently and smoothly through the air or over water.
  2. To convey or send floating through the air or over water.

Smoke from a nearby chimney wafts through the valley just before sunrise.  It was well below zero and I was standing in thigh deep snow when I took this photo.  Brrr....

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: direct

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thirty Seven

*Due to a laptop who's display is only intermittently working and a freak snowstorm I had to dig into my archives today for this one.  Hope you don't mind!*

Historic adjective.
  1. Having importance in or influence on history.
  2. Historical.

Historic downtown Saint Johnsbury, Vermont.
An HDR photo taken during the summer of 2010

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: waft

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thirty Six

    1.  bring: go or come after and bring or take back
    2.  to go for a certain price

"Wanna Play Fetch With Me??"

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: historic

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thirty Five

Crossroads  noun.
A road that intersects another road.

Around here there are some crossroads without a stop sign or much more than a road sign planted in an unusual place.  Its not like there's much traffic to contend with or people who don't know where they're already heading.

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: fetch

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirty Four

Determined adjective.
  1. Marked by or showing determination; resolute.
  2. Decided or resolved.

This cactus plant is the most determined living thing I've ever encountered.  Why?  Because two years ago my mother sent it to me as a gift.  UPS dropped it off at our doorstep while my husband and I were away for two days.  It spent two days outside in subzero temperatures.  My mother in law rescued it and gave it to us when we returned.  I nursed it for days (and mind you have I no green thumb) as I watched pieces of the poor plant die off and crumble.  Weeks later it seemed to stop dying.  With just a few stubs left I noticed it was growing!  Now, two years later, it has flowered for the first time.  Now that's what I call determined.

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: crossroad

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thirty Three

Cozy  adjective.
  1. Snug, comfortable, and warm.
  2. Marked by friendly intimacy

I can't think of any better word to describe this photo other than "cozy".
This is an HDR photo of my cat laying in our windowsill as it snows.  
Why can't life for people be this simple?

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: determined