Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thirty Two

 Jelly noun.
 A soft, semisolid food substance with a resilient consistency, made by the setting of a liquid containing pectin or gelatin or by the addition of gelatin to a liquid, especially such a substance made of fruit juice containing pectin boiled with sugar.

While I am a fan of jelly doughnuts my favorite are Boston Creams. 
And yes, I did go and buy a doughnut just for this. 

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: cozy


  1. Looks yummy! Here's mine

  2. Love this random word idea! I would think that it would definitely push someone to be creative.

  3. I feel like everyone is talking about donuts today and it's been making me want one so bad! We don't have many donut shops around but they do have them at most grocery stores!

  4. Boston creams are my favorite! I haven't had one in sooooooooo long! Great shot!

  5. I,also, would went and purchased the donut JUST for the photograph too. yummy

  6. Ooo, now I want one too. So yummy!