Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirty Four

Determined adjective.
  1. Marked by or showing determination; resolute.
  2. Decided or resolved.

This cactus plant is the most determined living thing I've ever encountered.  Why?  Because two years ago my mother sent it to me as a gift.  UPS dropped it off at our doorstep while my husband and I were away for two days.  It spent two days outside in subzero temperatures.  My mother in law rescued it and gave it to us when we returned.  I nursed it for days (and mind you have I no green thumb) as I watched pieces of the poor plant die off and crumble.  Weeks later it seemed to stop dying.  With just a few stubs left I noticed it was growing!  Now, two years later, it has flowered for the first time.  Now that's what I call determined.

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: crossroad


  1. Just the inspiration we need after a snow storm.
    My post for determined is at

  2. I'd say that's one determined plant! I love Christmas cacti - have one that's been blooming the whole month of January!


  3. Love the colors and textures. Here is mine for determination

  4. I had the same thing happen with a cactua my SIL gave me. I had totally forgotten about it and left it on the porch for weeks. This is beautiful.

    My entry is here:

  5. Wow. That really is a determined plant!

  6. Christmas catus always so pretty. The flowers are so different and beautiful.