Tuesday, January 11, 2011


   noun.  The part or side below or under.
   adjective.   Lower; under.

The view from underneath the Taftsville Covered Bridge.  

I had to climb (tumble) down a sixty foot hill to a gushing river below to get to this location.  While most shots others take of this bridge are facing the other side of the bridge, where a road passes along the river side beyond that waterfall, I chose the difficult path laden with trees and thistles.  It was well worth it because the view is actually much better underneath the bridge at that vantage point than anywhere else. 

Tomorrow's randomly generated word of the day: pair


  1. Love the post processing on this one. Feel free to stop by and check out my blog.

  2. Nice use of underneath. Love the sense of cold it portrays too. All I have considered so far for today's word is underneath a sink or underneath a bed -- neither of which are going to be pretty. Guess we can tell why you are photo genius & I'm not. Enjoying your talent.

  3. I like your interpretation of "underneath" and textures in the photo.

  4. Your images are incredible. Looking forward to keeping an eye out on your work!

  5. I love how different minds view words. This is fun. Come check out my #11: