Friday, January 28, 2011

Twenty Eight

Daylight. noun.

1. The light of day; sunlight.
2. Daybreak. Daytime.

Daylight is a blessing I've learned not to take for granted after working night shifts.  
It is also the essential element that dictates almost all of my photography

Tomorrow's randomly generated word is: vegetable


  1. Nice, my sister has tracks behind her home and I was justing thinking about what an awesome shot it would be when covered in snow. I was right, this is great.

  2. I found this site from a comment left on Pioneer Woman and have loved following along. I decided late last night that I have enough photos from the years that I could play a little catch up and join in this challenge. Here is my own version.

  3. I love how the lines take my eye right up the photo.
    Mine is up for today.

  4. I love photos of train tracks. A new day; a new adventure...

    Here's mine:

  5. What a beautiful photo! I've always wished there were train tracks closer to me, so that I could attempt taking photos!