Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Crystal noun.
    1. A homogenous solid formed by a repeating, three-dimensional pattern of atoms, ions, or molecules and having fixed distances between constituent parts.
    2. The unit cell of such a pattern.
  1. A mineral, especially a transparent form of quartz, having a crystalline structure, often characterized by external planar faces.
 Crystal trees (actually hand blown glass) illuminated in the window of the Simon Pierce Gallery in Quechee.

Tomorrow's randomly generated word: Mainstream


  1. Wow....This is just beautiful. I'm going to bookmark your blog, I'm looking forward to the whatever comes next.

  2. I love this concept. I am on day 83 of my 365 and starting to feel like I need some prompts some days. I may just have to play along!

  3. I love store window pics. This one is so beautiful. Can we have an instant Christmas 2010 repeat please.

  4. Lovely photos! I've discovered your blog thanks to your comments on shutter sister. I'm looking forward to visit your blog every day and see what you come up with!

    I have also made the big jump and started my own project!

  5. Here's day four: